Since being readmitted to the editorial team, I have not made much use of my editor controls, except to occasionally discourage a spambot or to trim away a few errant soft links. The site runs smoothly under Tem42's manipulating extremities without my intervention.

I last wrote an editor log back in June 2016 where mentioned that I had fixed some typos in the writeups of fled noders. While this seemed kosher to me, there was some polite push back, and several folks explicitly stated their opposition. I have therefore largely discontinued the practice, although I will occasionally repair a busted hard link.

Recently I reviewed and cleaned up the message inboxen for a number of e2's bot accounts. I used to do this back in the day, but only just remembered how to do it. Most notably, chatter had accumulated in the accounts of 'everyone' and 'Virgil' with some also in 'recipe' and a few for my old pal Webby. Virgil greets new users and so gets a few my-first-day-on-the-site responses. 'recipe' mostly gets requests to have something added to the metanodes. It seems like the 'recipe' account's metanodes might be better converted to categories. I've asked anthropod's opinion on the matter, and we seem good to go on that front. I would appreciate other feedback. Categories came about during my absence from e2 and I am curious how people view them. I will summarize and report on any feedback in a future log.

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