From Peter F Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy. Fictional Civilization with revolutionary social structure. The basis of Edenism are Affinity Symbionts in the Edenist's brains that allow them to communicate mentally and read each other's thoughts and emotions. Edenism is what society would be like if everybody could read anybody's mind. No crime, no lies etc. Another foundation of Edenism is advanced Biotechnology, called Bitek, that provides anything from grown, living spacecraft, called Voidhawks to living household organisms to genetically altered animals etc. A whole world of technology, all controlled by affinity and all alive, thinking, feeling.

With a few exceptions, all Edenists live in huge, organic, spaceborn habitats. When Edenist die, their personality and accumulated memories become part of the neural strata (huge neural storage/processing network) of the habitat, the habitat personality, which controls every function of the habitat. Edenism is governed by collective conscience called Consensus, which is the sum of all minds, living Edenists as well as ancestors in the habitat peronality (a huge resource of experience).

Biotech, mind-reading, unknown and frightening, definitely not everybody's flavour. Tampering with God's work... as well as an effective means against dishonesty (or, in other words: no privacy) scared the masses and eventually forced Edenism to become a separate community of its own.

Hamilton's stories about Edenism show interesting parallels to today's disputes of biotechnology, experimenting with DNA etc.

There is a short story about the beginnings of Edenism called A Second Chance at Eden in a book by the same title.

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