A former NHL goaltender for the Dallas Stars, Florida Panthers, Chicago Blackhawks, San Jose Sharks and Toronto Maple Leafs. His pristine career has been marred by a couple of scandals when he went spent a couple nights in jail for disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and resisting arrest, on a couple of different occasions. After having struggled with police officers in Dallas and then offering them a billion dollars and the Stanley Cup if they would let him go, he was forced to take anger management classes.

Something not a lot of people know about Eddie Belfour is his penchant for being nice to those less fortunate than him. There used to be an entire section in Reunion Arena (where the Stars used to play, before moving into American Airlines Arena) called the Eagle's Nest. These were really decent seats and for every single home game he'd buy all the tickets and give them to unfortunate children that have been struck by poverty or disease. Even during the playoffs.

Eddie has given an extensive donation of time, in addition to money and name to a number of charitable causes.

His commitment and involvement has been demonstrated over a period of over a year, and has been hands-on. Eddie is entering into his fifth year with Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Besides being one hell of a person, he was also one hell of a goaltender. He retired from the NHL after the 2005-06 season ended. Here are some stats:

Glove: Left
Height: 6'
Weight: 195 lbs
Fun Facts: Played High School Hockey for the Carman Cougars. One of five goaltenders in NHL history to record two seasons of 40-or-more wins. Set a new record for penalty minutes in a season by a goaltender in 1993-94, with 61. These were mostly for beating the hell out of fools who would come in his crease. Only NHL goaltender with a goals-against average below 3.00 for nine straight seasons. Only NHL goaltender to win 35 or more games in 5 different seasons.

He also fishes, golfs, flies a Cessna Jet, and races cars professionally. Oh yeah, and he's also one hell of a goalie.

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