A character on Rocko's Modern Life; a children's cartoon. Rocko's neighbor.

A really grumpy guy, he:
Hates everything.
Has a son, Ralph, who he disowned, then took back in.
Hates to recycle
Fawns over his wife, Bev.
Works at a big corporation, Conglomo.
Eats bugs and flies (he's a frog)

My favorite episode:
One time, he started sleepwalking and thought he was a pirate. He tried terrorizing Rocko for a treasure map, while his friends play along and pretend they're hiding it from him. Ed takes the washing machine and uses it as a torpedo launcher by loading in a bowling ball, toaster, chair, etc, and firing it at Rocko's house. Rocko's house starts to sink. Finally, Rocko relents and hands over the map after he takes Spunky hostage. He then wakes up and yells at them to go away.

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