Sounds disgusting, doesn't it? Actually, salted raw herring is a Dutch delicacy. I have seen many non-Dutchies gaze perplexed at this rather crude looking eating ritual.

The fish (called haring in Dutch) is cleaned and salted at sea, directly after the catch. The head and bones are removed, leaving two slabs of fish meat bungling together at the tail. The fish is salted with brine to preserve it.

You eat the herring by lifting it by its tail. Next, you tilt your head back and you simply slide the raw fish down your throat. Cutlery is for the uncultivated.

The taste: well, as you might expect the raw fish tastes a bit like sushi. The herring meat is very tender and rich, which makes it extremely good food to battle hangovers. That is, if you can stand the thought of digesting a piece of raw fish meat after a night of battling bars. Alternatively, you can eat the herring with finely chopped onions, although you will be despised by any true herring connoisseur.

The first (and supposedly best) catch of the season is called the Hollandse Nieuwe (Dutch New).

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