Easily Stored in an Oversized Boot, or ESiaOB (EEZ-ab), is a term used by the Government, and underground smuggling rings. It is used for any object that can be, obviously, stored and transported undectected inside of large footwear (preferably Eurosize 48+). This is quite humorous, since it's--it's larger than a regular boot. But it's also deadly effective.

Since the U.S. Government started to use the ESiaOB method in 1982, all oversea federal agents in hostile nations have been issued special oversized boots (OBs). In movies that have to deal with espionage, you may often see characters with OBs handcuffed to their wrist. Governmental use is basically that of transportation of secret documents and evidence. The amazing technology contained in these shoes is greatly protected. All GovBoots are manufactured inside of, and distributed from, a mountain in Washington State.

ESiaOBs are also used widely for illegal purposes. Criminals often hide pistols, shotguns, bazookas, and small getaway cars inside of such boots. Little children have even been known to have been hidden in footware once kidnapped. Because of the smuggling of cigars, jewels, and slave laborours, most countries have had it manditory for all persons crossing their borders to empty all oversized boots for inspection. For security reasons, many states have outlawed public ownership of ESiaOBs.

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