The Ease of Movement technical analysis indicator displays the relationship between the volume of a stock and price change of the same stock. (See also, Equivolume)

Each value of the indicator is a combination of the stock's price and its volume for that period and typically is smoothed with a moving average before trading rules are applied.

The meta-trading rules applied to the Ease of Movement indicator are to consider high or low extrema of the Ease of Movement values as indicating the stock's prices are moving up or down on low volume. When volume increases (or when prices are in a sideways price trend), the indicator is near zero.

The trading rules typical to the Ease of Movement is to buy the stock when the indicator becomes positive, and to sell when the indicator becomes negative.


EMV_n= MidPointMoven * BoxRation


MidPointMoven = ((Hn + Ln) - (Hn-1 + Ln-1)) / 2

BoxRation = Vn / (Hn - Ln)

Vn is volume at period n
Hn is the high price at period n
Ln is the low price at period n
Hn-1 is the high price at period n-1
Ln-1 is the low price at period n-1

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