Earth Sun Moon (1987)

The third album by British avant-garde rock group Love and Rockets.Track listing:

  1. Mirror People (4:05)*
  2. The Light (4:12)*
  3. Welcome Tomorrow (3:34)*
  4. No New Tale to Tell (3:26)
  5. Here on Earth (3:05)
  6. Lazy (3:12)*
  7. Waiting for the Flood (3:34)
  8. Rain Bird (3:15)
  9. The Telephone is Empty (3:56)*
  10. Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (5:10)
  11. The Sun (3:30)*
  12. Youth (4:36)*
  13. Mirror People (Slow version) (4:20)*

Tracks marked with an asterisk are by David Jay, all others Daniel Ash.

Track 11 is given as "Earth, Sun, Moon" on the album cover, but as "The Sun" on the disc itself.

The album tends toward the contemplative, acoustic guitar sound. However, the mood changes significantly from the beginning to the end. This is illustrated by the two versions of Mirror People--the last, as well as track 2, is much reminiscent of their earlier Bauhaus work.

"Published by Big Time Music under license from Beggars Banquet."

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