This is one of the greasiest places in Cleveland Circle, located at the edge of Brighton and Brookline in Boston, Massachusetts. It could be considered a dive, but the food is superb. If you are looking for health food or trying to diet, you have come to the wrong place.

The portions could best be described as huge. They have a Reilly Burger, named after a Boston University student named Reilly, who was the only one to eat it. It is a five pound hamburger, with tons of cheese and french fries. If you eat a Godzilla Burger, you get your picture on the wall.

In addition to great burgers, Eagles Deli is best known for its breakfasts. On weekends, hungover Boston College students come to replenish their bodies with eggs, sausage, bacon, and pancakes after a late night of drinking. Favorites include the 2+1 special.

The layout is simple. It is shaped like a "U". You enter the door, where the grill is, and order your meal. On the opposite side is the seating area. The whole place is adorned with Boston College paraphernalia, including a Mike Mamula jersey. In addition to the Godzilla Burger pictures, there are pictures of regulars, and one of Peter McNealy.

The staff is friendly. They are regulars at Maryanne's and CitySides.

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