The E2KS Architectural Brief

Bulldoze this office-space cellularisation. I read your private diary the other day, anyway. Tear down the singular homes in Kansas, let them bleed... Forget that which is everywhere. Everything shall rise from their ashes, and feed on remnant germs.

Will my stay thre be perpetual?

We are nameless, genderless, ageless and private. And yet, our decentralisation is what our writing breeds on. Without Kansas, you still know my preferences, my work, my tastes, my art. I came, I observed. I am here to build... yet I shall not live here for long. Imagine a city that is Everything for every noder - a universal community whose only consistency is its ability to respond to the expression of changing noders. A base for us... a noder retreat. Still, many will want to stay on - they are the deserving elite.

"Hey grundoon have a look at my scratchpad!" She nods her head, and reaches out for my freshly inked nodepad...

What will it look like?

My work space is my place of leisure - It is my bedrooom, there is internet access, coffee... In principle, our work space shall be the same... a large interior womb of titanium mesh, negotiated by vertical white concrete planes which overlook each other and offer various dens of study. There will be a multitude of tables, sofas, wi-fi, beer... Some will prefer to work alone, others will discuss future themes. At the heart of the building, encircled in fire-proof glass you will find the server room.

Why's that?

The glass symbolises the new transparency that can be achieved through the abolition of anonymity, if only for a short period of time. "Kohlcass I'm voting your baby down... it's just way too factual."

Downstairs, pots and pans are tinkering away. New recipes will be tested out in the Everything Kitchen... "Alright Heisy this one's ripe for noding!" Our homenodes, detachable and modular, will have the ability to be linked in various configurations... as the need will arise. No, there will not be any communal showering.

The catbox will become redundant. There will be XP drinking games, BBQs in the evening, and long discussions till the early hours of the morning. There will be seminars in the auditorium, training sessions for newbies and ButterFinger McFlurry sundaes in abundance.

After all, Everything is a Community.

Further studies required...

A proper design brief This is three-part.
A list of possible sites - WHERE in Kansas?
Approximate numbers regarding 1. permanent residents 2. temporary residents - NB: cities of 50,000 inhabitants were traditionally considered to be of optimum size.
A list of required spaces - Homenodes, studios, canteen, nurse's office, server room...

...and fleshed-up with Case studies - Industrial cities should be considered. Do not overlook the cruiseship, a community dedicated to the industry of leisure.

Further reading

Fishman, R. Urban Utopias n the Twentieth Century
Hall, P. Cities of Tomorrow
Le Corbusier The Radiant City
Soler, P. Visionary Cities

For The First Practically Annual Everything, Kansas Quest and Memorial Potluck

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