It shouldn't be surprising to anyone that Everything2 should have its dusty attics, its abandoned back lots where people have dumped all sorts of odds and ends over the eons.

Ever since Everything2 hatched out of the old Everything, Edit These E2 Titles has been the place where users go to suggest node title changes, especially for their own.

It still is.


As the number of nodes grows, so does the number of opinions on what their titles should be, and so does the actual number of title edit requests. As those things grow, so does the number of title edit requests that take a long time to complete, or which hang around because a god isn't sure such a move is wise, or which simply have grown moldy in the fridge.

And so the homely old dears sit there, gathering dust. Meanwhile, they clutter up Edit These E2 Titles, making it more difficult to find the edits that can be done with a few guilt-free clicks. Can you imagine trying to get in and out of your house if you dropped all of the stuff you couldn't immediately deal with right inside the door? Oh wait, that's like my house...

As a partial solution, we have this node, a dead letter office of sorts, evidence of the fact that the seemingly simple maxim, "put stuff where it goes", isn't quite as simple as everyone thought it was at first.

If your title edit request remains in Edit These E2 titles for more than a couple of days, you will eventually find that a god has moved it over here (or a c_e has appended it to your existing writeup here). You'd be surprised how many there are.

This doesn't mean your request won't eventually get done. Bored gods, new gods willing to make a good impression, or just your average run-of-the-mill god wondering what that smell is will come over here and clear out the clutter from time to time. You've waited this long, a little longer won't hurt.

CONTENT EDITORS may well find the requests they make in the special c_e section of Edit These E2 titles whisked away over here when they begin to grow unrecognizable under the mold. Not that mold is a bad thing.

Contested or modified renames
A place for gods to move ambiguous requests. Editors, please clarify/comment as indicated (see inline comments).

Contested or modified reparent
A place for gods to move ambiguous requests. Editors, please clarify/comment as indicated (see inline comments).

Brawl's dustbin

Regarding the noding of Shakespeare's plays, we have settled on the format 'Title ACT.scene' where ACT.scene are Roman numerals.
King Lear - Noder darl prefers acts in roman numerals and scenes in arabic.

Patron Saints A-G, Patron Saints H-N, and Patron Saints O-Z need review and update (for changed titles) and/or consolidation and/or deletion.

  • Final Fantasy Tactics spell list --> Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Brawl says: Since Muke is active and has writeups in both, can you ask Muke to consolidate, please?
  • Here's a big one for an admin: The Secret Garden is noded in full here, but each chapter is noded under its subtitle, rather than as a nodespaced thing. This is, of course, problematic and unlike every other book in the 'gel. Someone needs to fix this, and the chapter links at the end of each writeup.
    • mauler sez: I don't see why this is a big deal - there ARE other things noded like this, and as long as it's readable and linked to itself, I don't see why all books have to be noded exactly the same way.
    • Because someone looking up "Magic" doesn't want to find a chapter of The Secret Garden. And there is a certain grace in connecting connected writeups via their titles. It also makes it easier to search for, easier for other noders to organize for later, and avoids getting pointless downvotes for being in a node with other, "more relevant to the node title" content.
    • gnarl sez: i now node much of the Oz books by their chapter title, but if the title clashes with other book chapters or large nodes (like Magic) i nodespace them. it's easy to adjust the ToC and navigation with pipelinks, and please, if you are retitling public domain projects, please double check the links to the original title.

Kind editor,

Many functions from standard C libraries are written up on E2, and it is not clear to me whether the usage 'functionname' or 'functionname()' predominates. Certainly, some functions are written up under both titles. I prefer the version without the parentheses because (1) it is nice to be able to link, without using a pipelink, to a function where it is used in code, as in fgets(buf, 255, stdin); and (2) in some languages other than C, functions are not referred to using parentheses, and these other languages often include functions such as printf.

So here is a list of writeups in E2 with () in their titles. I care most about the network programming functions towards the end of the list.

Thank you for your time.

Essential C functions

Please reparent:

Please retitle:


Please retitle:

Beej's Guide to Network Programming

Please reparent:

Please retitle:

1200311 alloca() by ariels → alloca nodeshell
Lord Brawl says: 08Apr06 I've asked ariels for the ok on his.

Thank you.

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