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Maintained By: Serjeant's Muse

A collection of all Everything2 Flash Fiction Festivals marketed to the Community as a Prosenoder's Cup

Each cup typically has a rules, signup, and results writeup and a separate racetrack upon which the postcard fiction submissions might be voted upon. By design, writeups are limited to 300 words with a title chosen from a public list of racing thoroughbred horses. Node submission, and voting window, is approximately two weeks (+1 day) to enhance the "flash" theme.

Previous results may be viewed in the bullet list here, whilst surviving entries are maintained in the category list below.

1 Prosenoder's Cup 2020   e2node
2 Prosenoder's Cup 2019   e2node
3 Prosenoder's Cup 2018   e2node
4 Prosenoder's Cup 2007   e2node
5 Prosenoder's Cup 2003   e2node