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The E2 Mobile Interface is a simple web-based interface, written in PHP, for searching and reading E2 nodes via mobile devices. I'm writing this primarily so I can look things up from my Danger hiptop without having to wade through the clutter of the main site.

Currently, the interface implements search functionality and allows you to search for nodes by exact title or by keywords. Depending on which option you choose, either the node itself will be displayed or a list of search results will be displayed. The interface supports nodes of type "e2node" and "superdoc", and parses nodes for hardlinks which, when clicked, will be loaded via the mobile interface rather than kicking you out to real live E2. If you come across a nodetype that the mobile interface doesn't support, it will apologize profusely and give you a handy link to that node on the real E2.

The goal of the E2 Mobile Interface is to present the content of Everything2 in an easily-searchable, easily-readable format for users of Internet-enabled handheld devices. In short, the E2mi plus a good web-enabled wireless device is probably the closest thing to a real live Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that you can get. Since the focus is on providing an interface for searching and reading, there are no plans at this time to provide tools for posting, chatting, etc.

I plan on making the source code freely available as soon as it's in a slightly more completed state. Check here for updates on this.

Features already implemented:

  • 100% XHTML 1.0 compliant output, kept very simple and styled via CSS for easy reading on small handheld screens.
  • Search for a node by exact title or by keyword.
  • Display and parse nodes of type "e2node".
  • Display and parse nodes of type "superdoc".
  • Sort search results alphabetically to make it easier to scan them quickly for what you're looking for.
  • Display firmlinks.
  • Display softlinks.
  • Display "same title" links.

Features that would be nice:

  • ?

Known issues

  • Unterminated HTML entities in writeups can cause formatting problems, since the mobile interface doesn't use tables like E2.
  • Newlines are removed from some writeups. I haven't got the slightest idea why (see hamster bong's writeup under monkey for an example).

Suggestions? Questions? Comments? /msg me or send email to ryan@wonko.com.

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