For quite some time, E2 has acted as a small mirror for Project Gutenburg (The Gutenburg Project). More and more free works, such as Rudyard Kipling: Verses 1889-1896 and The Gift of the Magi have been submitted by noders. Other submissions are linked at nodeberg.

At the same time, however, free software has been added. Submitted under the GNU General Public License, scripts and programs have beeb incorporated into E2 by noders. This node, or meta-node, is an attempt to consolidate them.

Contents of this Node

This node is laid out into several sections. They are listed below.

  1. Introduction
  2. Contents of this Node
  3. About GNU
  4. The Software
  5. Conclusion

About GNU

There are several good nodes are the GNU Public License in E2. Some good ones are below:

The Software





Shell Scripts


As can be seen above, the number of scripts listed is pretty limited. Likewise, the usefulness as of this date (March 30, 2002) is not too great. But that will change. Please, if you know of more GNU software on E2, msg me. Or add it here yourself.

Everything2 is a growing community. We are all here because it is useful and interesting. The more useful and interesting E2 becomes, the more our community will grow.

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