In some anime, most particularly and especially a certain series called Dragonball Z, a “dust cloud” is an overused artifice created by a huge, yet inferior, person or force emptying his arsenal in the direction of, and towards the destruction of, a solitary, yet superior, foe. The target is surrounded by a cloud of satisfying dust for long enough for the attacker to smile and say something ironic like “That’ll teach him!” or “He won’t be trying that again!” Tension fills the air, or would if this hadn’t happened eleventeen dozen times before. Of course, when the dust clears and the target is still floating there smiling fiendishly (kids, don’t make that face, it’ll stick), glowing with power, the attackers get a warm, fuzzy moment. The moment this happens, the accepted reaction is to point at the expanding gray volume on the screen and exclaim "Dust Cloud!" This can be the basis of a moderately interesting drinking game. See Your Weapons Are Useless.

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