i am a docent of the nocent arts
my expertise is world renowned
a connoisseur of neopolitan parts
my victims never to be found
and the effect my speech has on a child
is quite something to behold
my melodic rhythmic tongue beguiles
and enchants like glittering gold
tho brutal like brutus and merciless like ming
my charm is disarming, my sweet manner calming
and tho alarms may faint and distant ring
my voice like balm, 'come here my darling'
soothed the girl who smiling skipped her way
to my avuncular invite
we tripped and played among the buds of may
and we enjoyed every delight
we panting lay among my thorn acacias
like cain i tilled then killed again
we rutted, mated, bestial fornicated,
and with a big brick i bashed her brains
her brains
my intoxicating speech enthralled
delicious julie sweet and tart
to my call she irresistant crawled
my methods as much science as art
as she stood on drunkenness's brink
i gave her durian wine to sup
a cloying sweet and aromatic drink
and helped her drain clean her cup
i gave her a close up look at my happy trail
a worm's eye view, how aptly fitting
my iron cock her purple face impaled
as julie died spewing and shitting
and shitting
among the daisies sat some pure madonna
i took her to look at my black geraniums
coalific castors and blood-blue belladonnas
then with a brick i cracked her cranium
her cranium
and little faith and fat felicity
flirtatious and felicitous
fell by innocent simplicity
for my words precipitous
i fucked them each in turn and then i crushed
the skull of one and the other's throat
i made of faith's brains a bowl of mush
and commemorated both
in this little song i wrote

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