The cathedral church of Modena, named as World Heritage by the United Nations Organization.

Built (1099-1106-1184) by the architect Lanfranco in the romanesque architectural style, it is widely regarded as one of the masterpieces of the time.

Its belfry tower, the Ghirlandina, is Modena's symbol.

The sculpted work on the church is attributed to Wiligelmo - also credited with similar work on the cathedral church in Parma.

Among the most admired pieces are the four scenes from the Genesis, depicting the Creation of Adam and Eve, the Original Sin, Cain and Abel, and the stories of Noah, all of which can be seen on the front side.

Less famous, but as noteworthy, are the representations of the Months, the Prophets and what is believed to be one of the first representations of King Arthur and his knights, all of which can be found in the doors of the church.

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