Also known as Fallen Angels in English. Released in 1995.

Directed and Written by Wong Kar-Wai. Original language is Cantonese.

Leon Lai- Wong Chi-Ming/Killer
Michelle Reis- The Killer's Agent
Takeshi Kaneshiro- He Zhiwu
Charlie Yeung- Charlie/Cherry
Karen Mok- Punkie/Blondie/Baby
Fai-hung Chan- The man forced to eat ice cream
Chen Man Lei- He Zhiwu's father
Toru Saito- Sato

Known to most English-speaking audiences as Fallen Angels. Considered to be a sort of foil to Chungking Express. While Chungking Express focuses mainly on the law and police, this movie focuses on criminals.

This is a movie about people wandering around. Not quite sure of where they're going, not quite sure of what they have planned, just going along with the flow. This is a movie about doing something simply because it's the first thing to come up.

This is a movie about a hitman forced to make small talk with an old junior-high buddy right after killing someone. It's a story about a mute man who rides a dead pig in the middle of the night. It's about repeatedly slamming a door against a blowup doll. It's about looking for women named "Blondie" but finding men and gunfights instead. There's also a good bit about walking people home in the rain because you have an umbrella and they don't but you really don't plan on staying the night...or ever meeting them again in fact.

It's about a man forcing a family to eat ice cream until they cry.

All in all, a beautiful movie. My personal favorite.

The style of this review seems familiar, but I can't place it...if I'm ripping someone off and it bothers you feel free to let me know whom. Oh, and cast information was taken from the imdb entry located here:

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