Luornu Durgo is the real name of Duo Damsel. Originally from the planet Carggg, Duo Damsel originally had the power that all people from her planet have, the ability to split into three separate but identical people, each acting independently of the others. The power is believed to have developed in some unexplained way to the fact that Carggg orbits three suns.

Duo Damsel was the first non-charter member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Using her power to meet all three charter members (Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy, and Saturn Girl), she reformed into a single person in front of them. Using the name Triplicate Girl, she joined the Legion.

During a battle with the villian Computo, one of Triplicate Girl's forms was killed. All Cargggites die if any of their forms are killed, but inexplicably, Triplicate Girl survived. Finding that she could now only split in two, she adopted the name Duo Damsel.

She later married Chuck Taine, Bouncing Boy, and the two of retired from the Legion. They later took charge of Legion Academy, training inexperienced heroes in the use of their powers.

She came out of retirement after the death of Superboy and participated in a mission to avenge his death by the Time Trapper. During that mission, a second of Duo Damsel's forms was killed, leaving her powerless.

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