The ballpark for the AAA Buffalo Bisons, a minor league affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. The ballpark was once named AmeriCare Park after the insurance company, but now it's Dunn Tire Park (once again, naming rights rear their ugly head in sports). The Bisons routinely outdraw major league teams like the Expos and Marlins, yet Buffalo gets passed over whenever baseball talks expansion.

Dunn Tire Park is quite an experience. The Bisons are the only team I know of with two mascots. Chip and Buster mingle with the crowd for the duration of the game, playing pranks on little kids and posing for pictures. Then there are the beer vendors. One of them, called The Conehead, wears a full Bisons uniform and walks around and sells Molson. Not only that, but he rhymes for you when you buy the beer. Like this: "Remember The Conehead's guarantee/If you get a warm beer from me/The next time around you drink for free" or "Keep me in mind/I'm easy to find". The guy is an absolute riot. There's also the Earl Of Bud, a guy dressed up in a red tuxedo with coattails and matching top hat. He sells Budweiser.

And that's not all. There's the PA guy, who gives away free stuff what seems like every half inning, plus the free stuff they give you when you walk in. I got a 8 ½ x 11 full color promo of Alex Ramirez, some sort of Buffalo superstar. Looked a lot like Manny Ramirez. Maybe it's his brother. I also got a copy of the local newspaper, and the ticket taker told me to hold onto my stub... if the player on the back of it hit a home run, I got a free Personal Pan Pizza at Pizza Hut.

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