The Dungeon Family is a collective of hip-hop artists from Atlanta, Georgia. Its members are: Outkast, Goodie Mob, Witchdoctor, Slimm Calhoun, Sleepy Brown, Cool Breeze, Backbone, and Big Rube, as well as production team Organized Noize Productions (ONP). Outkast's first single, Player's Ball, was the Family's first contribution to the rap world in 1993, and since then both Goodie Mob and (in particular) Outkast have found great commercial success with several albums. The other members of the Family are less known, but they have all gotten their chances to shine on Goodie Mob's and Outkast's albums. In addition to producing most of the Family's albums, ONP has produced tracks for the likes of TLC, Xcape, Ludacris, Kurupt, and En Vogue.

The Dungeon Family's success paved the way for other rappers from the Dirty South, and their distinctive funk sound has separated them from the rest of the pack. Their first collaborative album, Even in Darkness, was released in 2001 and included the hit single Trans DF Express.


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