Non Player Character (NPC) from the Traveller role playing game.

Classic Traveller timeline: Dulinor is unmentioned.

MegaTraveller timeline: Archduke Dulinor was born in 1066 on the world of Dlan ( Dlan / Ilelish 1021). He rose to the highest levels of the nobility in the Domain of Ilelish with the approval and support of Emperor Strephon. Dulinor was elevated to the position of Archduke by Strephon in 1104, an action opposed by many of the nobility, who did not feel comfortable with the changes to the imperial system the reformist Dulinor proposed.

Feeling reform was moving ahead slower than he wished, he set out to do the only thing that in his eyes would speed up reform of the Third Imperium: He requested an audience with the Emperor, shot him and his family dead and claimed the throne by right of assassination. Right of assassination has a well established precedent in Imperial politics and is accepted as about the only way of removing a useless (or mad) Emperor.

He was however unable to hold on to the throne and had to flee back to his Domain, which he had already prepared as his stronghold. His would become one of the leading factions of the Civil War which shattered the Imperium, locked in terminal battle with Emperor Lucan and "The Real" Strephon.

When he was finally able do break through Lucan's defenses, and direct his Vengeance Fleet towards Capital/Core, his fleet accidentally released and contracted The Virus (Lucan's incomplete superweapon), which ultimately wiped the remains of the Shattered Imperium of the star charts. Dulinor found his end in a virus-infected harvesting combine.

GURPS Traveller timeline: Same as above, but Dulinor's shuttle crashes misteriously when he is approaching Capital/Core in 1116, thus before he could shoot Strephon.

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