Hilarious prime-time animated show that originally aired 70 episodes between 1994-1997 on the USA Network. Duckman is a lazy, selfish, probably-alcoholic, cigarette smoking, sex obsessed, non-PC, incompetent private detective who makes Homer Simpson seem "Father of the Year."

A single parent (his wife Beatrice died) who lives with his children: Ajax (his practically brain dead oldest son), and Charles and Mambo (his younger son or sons depending on your point of view: ONE body, TWO heads). He also lives with health nut Bernice (Beatrice's twin sister) with whom he has what could be termed a "hate-hate" relationship and his mother-in-law Grandma-ma, the always-sitting, nonverbal fixture whose only action seems to be the occasional burst of flatulence. (A dog named Gecko appears in some episodes.)

His partner Cornfed (a great combination of deadpan and straight man, or "pig," as it were) is actually the real detective and any cases that end up being solved are either due to him or plain dumb luck (for which Duckman takes all the credit). His office assistants Fluffy and Uranus are stuffed animals that Duckman relishes in repeatedly destroying by whatever means he can think of (blender, flushing down the toilet, fire, et cetera).

Duckman is voiced by Jason Alexander (best known as George on Seinfeld) and Ajax by Dweezil Zappa (whose late father Frank Zappa's music is used for the credits).

As of 2000, Comedy Central shows the reruns.

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