Stevey strove fur everythin' jist tae take a little bit. He threw it aw doon at the feet eh the barman, chucked the last penny oan a dyin' horse at the bookies. Waited again til giro day an started back, payin' off the debt wi the first ten (owed tae Paul fe his giro day last week), bought fags.

Fought the bastards oan the door eh the nightclubs, drunk oan bad wine an' shoutin'. Told the polis tae fuck off on their arrival. Met thur kicks an' thur beatins wey drink numbed bones

Bought awe the gear oan tick, sold it fur less than that. Stole aff oot the place, awe sorts a cunts after 'im. Camped out at wee Tommys gaf, smokin' an' drinkin'. Safe for a bit.

They caught up wi 'im in the boozer, cut 'is face awe tae shit. Left 'im in a blood pool oan Viccy Road.

Hospital patched 'im and put 'im back oot there. Left waitin' each mornin', outside eh the pub. Waitin' fur openin', playin' old friends fur drinks, buyin' if he could.

Still disnae look well, is whit maest eh thum say, never quite get back intae it, after that.

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