The Drizzt books are all the novels that star Drizzt in them basically and whose author is R.A Salvatore. The Drizzt books is not a an official term, but a commonly used term among readers of these books.

The Drizzt Metanode

This is the Drizzt Metanode. It pertains to the Drizzt Books by R.A. Salvatore. Here you will find nodes, nodeshells and inexistant nodes about the Drizzt world, its inhabitants and other things in the world of Drizzt and the world of the Forgotten Realms.


The above were organized by order of chronology, I think you're supposed to start with the Icewind Dale trilogy and then pass on to the Dark Elf trilogy though, this is according to the books' flap and of course, afterwards, the order as followed above.

Principal Characters

Secondary Characters Villains Races Deities Places Magical Weapons

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