"Man this new 8-cylinder Mustang is awesome!" he thought as he licked the last bit of frosting from his 35th birthday cake from his mustache. "I should have gotten this a long time ago."

The acceleration was effortless as he swung into the far left lane and passed a convoy of soccer moms driving their Expedition SUVs. "Get out of this lane Mr. Beige Celica! Holy shit - it worked! I'm Ben-fucking-Kenobi... No check that - Would Ben Kenobi drive this car? I'm that 'Bill and Ted's dude from 'The Matrix'! Right Neo, that's it."

The road seemed to slow down for him as he began to sense the moves of all the other drivers. It was almost as though he could move them himself like a giant chess board of concrete, steel, and rubber. (You know - like if he knew how to play chess and shit like that). "It's just like that last scene where the whole world just slows down to nothing for me." He proves the point to himself by executing a crafty nip and tuck using only his left hand while maintaining a bored, disinterested look on his face. "Shit, if Trinity was watching that move, that bitch would be on her knees begging to hum me now."

Things got a little tricky as the highway narrowed to one lane. "Ah, they think they control me with their 'rules' - but it's like that Morpheus dude says 'You must learn to know what rules can be bent or even broken'. He noticed the wide shoulder and swung out to the left to pass yet another mini-van when he noticed the cop at the next side street. He quickly pressed the brakes and swung in again behind the mini-van. The front passenger side wheel hit the icy patch first, and the spin took control immediately. He was facing forward again as both passenger side wheels hit the snow bank together and flipped the car over into the tree.

"Dodge This."

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