We have these here in New Orleans. Its an interesting phenomenon, drive through alcohol. The real interesing part is the laws on open containers. For Daiquiris if there is a straw in it, its an open container, pull the straw out and you're fine to drive. I don't condone drunk driving, but I can understand that you'd want the alcohol in your system to take the edge off the fact that everyone else on the road is drunk.

Interesting concept. Frozen fruity alcoholic beverage that you can buy "to go" and get while you are in your car.

The "law" used to be that if the straw was unwrapped and shoved into the lid, it was an open container (bad), but if you hadn't yet pierced the little "x" on the lid , you were good to go.

Supposedly now, that is no longer the case. They don't care either way, so you should still be cool.

I'm not sure what the real "law" is now, but since we are led by Napoleanic Code down here, we never really fucking know.

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