This drinking game is a variant of an old kindergarten game, spoons, tailored to suit university students and other lecherous alcoholics. I'm not sure who invented, but it is quite well known at the University of Melbourne.

This game requires 2 decks of playing cards, preferably complete and with jokers (although this isn't necessary), n jugs and n-1 spoons, where n is the number of players, and a large quantity of beer or other alcoholic beverage of manageable potency.

The players situate themselves in a circle with the spoons placed in the centre. The cards are shuffled and the dealer deals 6 to each person. The remaining cards are left in a pile. The dealer takes a card from the pile and then places a card in front of the person on his left, and that person takes a card from that pile and does the same etc. The last person throws his card out into the centre face up for everyone to see. The object is to get four of a kind. When someone gets four of a kind they take a spoon from the centre. Once a spoon is taken anyone may take one. One person will be left without a spoon - they are now affectionately reffered to as the loser. Once someone realises they are the loser you all proceed to the "drink off".

The drink off starts with everyone repleneshing their jug. The winner of the round moves to sit on the left of the loser. Players then count down together before starting to skoll. None save the winner may finish skolling until the person on their right has finished. The reason you use jugs instead of glasses is because that way no one drinks all their beer before they're allowed to finish. Then a new round begins, without the loser, and someone else takes a turn to be the dealer.

The reason I like this game so much is because once people have four of a kind, they can and usually do take their spoon without drawing much attention. Anyone else who notices does their best to be similarly circumspect, and everyone keeps passing cards. This is easy to do as everyone else is busy looking at their own cards. After a few rounds it's even easier. This means that often people keep playing until they get four of a kind, and then go to take their spoon and find they're all gone, to everyone's mutual amusement. Another reason I like this game is because it's very easy for people to pick up, and the ritual of the "drink off" is such awesome fun to be a part of, particularly when people are struggling to keep drinking. This is easily the best and most fun excuse for drinking a lot of beer I've ever found. I would play it every weekend if I didn't have any regard for my health.

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