This is Drexciyan Cruise Control Bubble 1 to Lardossan Cruiser 8 dash 203 X. Please decrease your speed to 1 point 788 point 4 kilobahn. Thank you. Lardossan Cruiser 8 dash 203 X please use extra caution as you pass the aqua contruction site on the side of a aquabahn. I repeat: Proceed with Caution. Lardossan Cruiser 8 dash 203 X you are now cleared for docking. Have a nice stay here on Drexciya. I'm Drexciyan Cruiser Control X 205. If you have any problems let me know. Bubble Control 1 Out.

-- Drexciya - Bubble Metropolis, UR-26

Hi-quality electro from Detroit since 1989, although they released their first ep in 1992. Having produced well over 10 years they kept their secret identities until recently half of the duo, James Stinson revealed himself as being part of the mystic group. James passed away in september 2002.

Their main theme has definitely been water - "Water is life. Life started on this planet and other planets due to water", Stinson said in interview on web-page - their tracknames and record art is mostly related to water.

Over the years they built themselves quite a fame among underground electronic music -scene by releasing rarely, releasing totally original compositions and being completely secretive about their identitities - not forgetting already mentioned "aquatopia" of theirs - underwater world where they live in, and which their tracks tell about.

In 10-year period they released on many very respected labels - beginning from ShockWave, Somewhere In Detroit (which records are only available from S.I.D Store in Detroit), Submerge, Underground Resistance, WARP, Rephlex, Tresor and also CLONE among others. They also visited on another similary secretive project, Red Planet for co-producing one track for Red Planet 5 - The Long Winter of Mars.

There has been rumors in the 'net that some or both persons behind Drexciya would also be in Dopplereffekt and/or Japanese Telecom. James Stinson had couple of side-projects, Transllusion and The Other People's Place which both have released an album.

Drexciya Discography

SW1007     Drexciya   - Deep Sea Sweller ep 12"
S.I.D-005  Drexciya   - Uncharted ep 12"
HX-004     L.A.M      - Balance of Terror 12"
UR-026     Drexciya 2 - Bubble Metropolis ep 12"
SVE-6      Drexciya 3 - Molecular Enhancement 12"
CAT017EP   Drexciya 3 - Molecular Enhancement 12" (different track list)
SVE-3      Drexciya 4 - The Unknown Aquazone 2x12"
UR-030     Drexciya   - Aquatic Invasion ep 12"
WAP57      Drexciya 5 - The Journey Home ep 12"
UR-037     Drexciya   - The Return of Drexciya 12"
SVE-8      Drexciya   - The Quest 2x12"/2xCD
Tresor 129 Drexciya   - Neptune's Lair 2x12"/CD
Tresor 130 Drexciya   - Fusion Flats (remixes) 12"
Tresor 138 Drexciya   - Hydro Doorways ep 12"
Tresor 181 Drexciya   - Harnessed The Storm 2x12"
Tresor 182 Drexciya   - Digital Tsunami 12"
CLONE Cx9  Drexicya   - Drexciyan R.E.S.T. Principle 12"
CLONE C#24 Drexciya   - Grava 4 2x12"/CD

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