There is a German man. He is strong. He is looking for evidence of the Beloved even though he doesn't believe and doesn't have faith. He keeps looking.

Then he sees the evidence he is looking for, just for a moment. Out of the corner of his eye but he looks and is sure. He is angry and confused and shocked because he doesn't believe or he didn't believe but he felt compelled to look.

I wake up.

My Mother-In-Law has won some sort of a vacation somewhere in Montana. Unfortunately, she is unsure of the dates, which is troublesome because I have limited remaining vacation days to take from work.

After some time, she discovers that the dates are from Wednesday to Sunday, the first week of November.

Overnight, the date to leave arrives. We depart on bicycle, which will not do at all, as I suspect that it will take a very long time to travel to Montana by bicycle. I am alarmed at this, as I do not have any additional vacation time to travel in this manner.

Our travels begin on a trail of limestone, which was once a rail line, with a thin wood on either side of the trail. Suddenly, a herd of wildebeest-like animals scatters about the path, pursued by a lioness. It occurs to me now that the last time I bicycled upon this path, I was pursued and attacked by all manners of wildlife. My concerns double as I realize that my wife is not on a bicycle, but is traveling on foot. Not only am I now concerned that she is now vulnerable to attack but that her plantar fasciitis will become aggravated.

As the wildebeest scatter, the path becomes crowded with these chick-like creatures, who have heads like baby ducks although their beaks are pointed. Their bodies are boiled potatoes, however. The smallest of them have not yet grown their heads. Unable to avoid all of them upon my bicycle, I start to roll over some, mashing their potato bodies into the limestone.

I am concerned that we will not make it to Montana before I run out of vacation time.

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