I wake up in the night and ask the Beloved for a dream. I ask a specific question.

I dream of a white hallway, very clean. In the hallway is a dresser. It is a tall, six drawer dresser. It is not an elaborate antique, nor is it new. It is wood and well built. The drawers are closed. There is nothing on top of the dresser.

I wake up and thank the Beloved for the dream and for the dream answer. Then I cry. The dresser seems so compartmentalized. It is not completely closed. I can open drawers. I still cry, missing my sister, remembering my ex saying that he can't get a word in edgewise when we get together.

The newest hospital commissioner had a special meeting last night with a physician from out of town talking about single payer. There is a bill that may come before the legislature in Washington State, to establish state wide single payer.

I went and I spoke. I got the contact information of the physician who spoke and of other people in the audience. We only have one hospital, the county hospital, in our county. The meetings are open. Every person who got up and spoke, spoke in favor of single payer. Every person asked the hospital to vote to support the bill.

I suppose I could have not asked my dream question. I want to be grounded in reality, even when it's not what I want, even when it makes me terribly sad.

There is lots of work to do to distract me from grieving. Back to the single payer fight.

Physicians for a National Healthcare System: Single-payer health plan is not dead http://www.pnhp.org/news/2014/january/single-payer-health-plan-is-not-dead
Healthcare For All -- Washington: http://www.healthcareforallwa.org/

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