I have to pick up three children. I have a car, an SUV again, but it's not mine. I arrive somewhere to pick up the children.

They check the car.

"That is the wrong car seat." There is no person in the dreams, just voices.

"I didn't get to pick it." I say. "This is what I was issued." They are correct. It is a booster seat and the child is younger than that.

"You need to have a backward facing car seat." they say.

"I had no choice. May I pick up the children or not?" I know I will be able to pick up the older children. I am not sure about the youngest. They want me to pick her up but I am not allowed to buy a car seat or choose the equipment. I don't know if they will let me load her into the car or not or if I will be allowed to come back.

I wake up.

The youngest child in the dream is my niece. But in the dream she is much younger than the other two. A baby. And the car that isn't mine and the car seat that is wrong? They represent my father's 1979 will and other events and decisions that are outside of my control. Things that I did not choose and had to do my best with to try to help the youngest child.

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