As a result, I think, of staring at their pictures on the cover of tabloids while waiting in check-out lines earlier in the day, had dreams about Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt.

Don't remember too much detail, the one about Pitt was apparently first and took place on a space ship/capsule/station. Nothing exciting happened I think and it was just good old picaresque camaraderie.

The Anniston sequence took place in a large Victorian mansion which I apparently owned in NYC and was putting her up for the night. It focused on various details of making sure her stay was safe and secure, which it turned out to be.

In the final sequence I meet with Peter Falk (as Columbo) and begin the conversation by telling him I spent the night with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. After quick dismissal of this topic, I tell him I have a job for him. He asks why I don't do I myself and I tell him it's not an economic use of my time.

At this point I wake up quite refreshed.

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