I was visiting New York City with my wife and kids (the real ones). We were going to a chic restaurant, and for that we took an elevator from the street. The elevator's cabin was as big as an average bedroom, and there were about a hundred people in there. I notice a black man in funny clothes standing at a corner, looking like he didn't want to be noticed. He's carrying a 2- or 3-year old girl, presumably his daughter. It's Denzel Washington. I address him:

Me: Hey, you're Denzel Washington!
Him: No, I'm not.
Me: Come on, who are you trying to fool?

He makes a slightly embarassed smile, tacitly admitting the truth. The elevator arrives at my stop, me and my family leave and I say goodbye to Denzel. On my way out, I turn around and say, "Hey, man, you kick ass!" He smiles again.

I look inside the restaurant. It looks really luxurious, but as the Maître comes to me, I wake up.

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