I was at home. I got up from in front of my computer and noted it was late in the night and I had not eaten anything that day.

So, I went to the kitchen. Some folks had stayed at my home. There were a lot of dishes, the fridge was empty. Some sausages had been left for me. I turned on the oven and tried to find a clean plate, which was difficult. I eventually found a bowl that had only been used for rationing rice. For some reason, I envisioned some kind of ad that had an empty bowl with text "it's kosher."

I was muttering to myself, and noted that some (female) guest had left behind and slept on a spare bed. The sausages cooked nicely. Yet, at some point, the guest woke up, warned me not to cook the sausages because they were for a distant relative. I was pretty angry and asked what I was supposed to eat since they had taken everything...

The next part was apparently the delivery of the sausages. We were driving on small cars on rickety floorboards with some strange hazards like circular saws and abandoned cars. Somewhat like the Micro Machines computer games with extra violence. Once the car fell through a hole in the floor and reappeared back in the track flashing.

As the cars stopped, it ended in Carl Barks/Daan Jippes comics story of - for some reason - first time Junior Woodchucks met... well, the highly decorated bloodhound whose name I forgot, though this dog was a mix of Pluto and that dog. They found the dog from some place as he howled its name, showed it a single hair strand of fox fur and it brought back a fox, and noticed the dog could be useful for some thing.

Some analysis: The university game course! SomethingAwful game reviews! And Extreme Disney Deprivation! The mounds of garbage in the home sounds similar to my recent experiences in Ultima VII (cleaning up Iolo's hut, and I just found a chest full of garbage). The car game sounds like some cheap game idea. No idea where the Woodchucks came, but the thing looked a lot like a CB/DJ comic, and even mentioned the authors. =)

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