I was in some kind of girls' boarding school, as a student. I think we were older teenagers, near high school graduation. The atmosphere was ethereal, the inside of the school was typical dusty, old, wooden, decorative/victorian. It had structural elements like domes and archways in odd places, and secret passages. The garden areas were lush and heavy with succulent plants. The teachers looked the other way when we were in "non-class" hours, we kind of just did whatever we wanted. I don't remember ever sleeping there, but I "felt" that I lived there.

I did a lot of exploring, walking around. I was not part of a clique or friend group, not shunned, just not really welcomed by most of the other girls. I (somehow) became friends with this beautiful redhead. Long pale orange hair, pale skin, no freckles. Not particularly short or tall, fat or skinny. She was shy and more reserved and nervous than I was, also she was "floaty". I was more grounded and interested in the task at hand. (With the fuzziness of dreams, I think that at times I *was* the redhead, also I knew what she was doing even when "my character" wasn't there). We started exploring the school and discovered evidence of some kind of occult or taboo event/society in the history of the school, and possibly some artifacts. We discovered some locations and things, and it became a kind of passion for us to figure out what was had actually happened in the school's past.

We found a map that included a description of a "Vernal Pool" and decided we would search for that. After searching, we found it and we were awestruck by its beauty. It was basically just a very large fountain built into the side of a hill- maybe 20 feet across at the base, with smaller pools leading up to a Source. It appeared to be manmade, with a lot of protective looking foliage. We sat above the top level of the pool, with our feet dangling into the top pool, the Source, like a spring rushed out from underground. We fell back and laid down, with our feet still in the water, and I leaned over to kiss her(no thimbles, a real kiss.). Before this point it had never been a romantic relationship. So we're kissing, then she hears a noise and we run in different directions, so that they can't catch us both.

Later the redhead is at a picnic(I am not there) and her best friend from before she went to school, seems like she is estranged a long time, comes running up to her. Redhead(who by now is the perspective that I experience) recognizes her and is happy but confused. The friend huggs her hard, and they fall to the ground (not sexual/romantic). Then a large tractor comes up over the hill, and crushes them(us?) both. Presumably they are both killed instantly.

This first half of the dream is in very vivid and beautiful color.

Again, the strangeness of dreams takes over.

We (me, like, how I am today, and Cwellan) are in a theatre, and a play has just finished. The person playing the redhead takes off her red wig, and the person playing me removes her costume elements. Everyone in the play has very short plain undyed hair,and a beige smock or jumpsuit with some brown thread showing, all different construction, as if everyone was required to sew their own- a slightly individualized uniform. This beige garment is the base for any character's costume. Hair is all represented with wigs(EXCEPT for "my" character, who just has very short brown hair). "My" character also has no costume elements to remove, just the beige kneelength, sleeveless, shapeless dress.

Cwellan and I walk out of the theatre, I am shaken, and he suggests a snack or something warm to drink to make me feel better. We leave the building and I realise that it is kind of like a college campus, but there are a bunch of little shops- a homemade candy shop, a cafe, a coffee house, restaurants. We go in the candy shop and there is maple sugar candy. We leave, we pass the cafe and the first special on the board outside is "Soup of Silence" We go to the coffee shop and the board recommends "Coffee of Silence. Everything since the end of the play seems to be colored dimly, almost sepia-toned.

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