I was at a cabin in the woods. It was similar to Twin Lakes, in that it was a deciduous forest, it was fall, and many of the leaves had already dropped. The Hargle's were there, just like Twin Lakes, but the cabin was a different cabin. There was a stone wall outside, running parallel to the house, but it was only maybe 60 feet across, so it wasn't a functional wall. It might have been a part of an older wall still standing.

I remember flying over the shore of a body of water, looking into it. It was maybe a large lake, or bay. I was heading for a definite location, right next to the shore where it was still shallow. I don't know what it was, but I wanted to get there, and I was directly above it, trying to land on it. I wouldn't look any deeper into the water than where I needed to, because I thought I would get scared of the infinite blackness, and I was afraid as I floated down to my target, that I would get pulled away from the shore, into the deeper water. I'm not scared of water at all, so this was strange.

I dreamt that I found a VERY blue-brusing mushroom. They turned blue almost as soon as I squeezed the cap with my thumb.

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