I was staying with Tina, the cashier who trained me when I first began working at Wal-Mart. She was either a vampire or somehow affiliated with vampires, but I was not afraid of her. We did some basic computer tasks that I don't remember, and used the computer to check on her son (in real life she has a daughter).

Then we went to what I suppose was a crypt. There was a wall with drawers like a morgue, but it was all dusty and dark and creaky. Tina pulled out some of the drawers and talked to the vampires, or saw that they were empty. Then one popped open and a really evil vampire came out. He looked sort of like Stephen Tyler, or maybe like the guy that sings We Are the Champions after the credits on A Knight's Tale. I didn't look closely because he had glowing green eyes and I knew that if I looked into them - or even if he noticed me at all, that I would be in danger.

After cowering with my eyes closed for some time, we ended up back in the room. I told Tina that I wanted to go home.

Tina replied matter-of-factly, "You can go home when you're 30."

I was horrified. Stuck in the nightmare world being afraid all of the time, for nine more years?

I think the desire to just *leave* the situation brought me out of the dream. That is the biggest proof I have that real life is not a dream - I can't just will myself out of it.

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