The Tree Of Evil
The tree with the thorns on it is Evil and Intelligent. Its Evil will infect you if you get pricked by the thorns. Two other trees were on either side, and were possibly people that had been infected by the first tree. This dream was being explained to me by a guide that I couldn't see. The trees were allied with the bees that made invisible hives in the sky. The only way to tell if a hive was there, was to recognize the pattern of a beehive when the bees were crawling on it. This was demonstrated by my guide causing me to fly towards a hive. I flew up above the clouds and saw one of the hives myself. After that, I flew back down to ground level, and skimmed the suface of the river before coming to an ungraceful landing on one of the 'buffers' that lined the bank of the river. I knocked something over, which broke, and the guide told me that I could get arrested for it.

In the park near where I landed, there was a man who was infected by the one of the Trees. His skin was green, his head was bigger than it should be, and he had six eyes. The SWAT team was trying to kill him, he was eiter infecting some of the police, or pieces of him were growing into clones, and he was killing the police. Once he was even decapitated, but he was still alive, and his head was just pretending to be dead. He kept saying "I want a human being of my own" in a creepy robot/alien voice.

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