In my dream, I found myself at some kind of carnival at a school. It all seemed to remind me a lot of that carnival graduation scene at the end of Grease. I was walking around with some friends, admiring some of the goofy costumes people were wearing. A guy walked past with a rotating wheel as his costume which looked quite impressive. This annoyed me, because I was sure if I was wearing a wheel costume mine would be far cooler and operational (don't ask questions man! this is a dream)! We eventually came up to some of the rides. I looked up at one particularly ominous "throw you around until you forget which sock goes on which foot" kinda ride... um well it was really really fast. One of my old elementary school friends is on the ride and proceeds to have a casual conversation with me while he flies through the air with the greatest of ease. I wait for him to get off the ride (I think my other friends ditched me for Mr. Non-operational wheel. Bah! some friends).

We walk, we talk, we look at the prison. Wait, there's a prison? Some rent-a-cop types seem to be shuffling people into this strange jail. But no worries, right? We're at a carnival, its just some new and different ride or funhouse or something. But those people don't look to be having too much fun... Somehow we get stuck in the little group they're hustling off to their fate. Still all in good fun, I say. After a few short minutes in jail I notice two guys having a friendly conversation with the um "warden". One of the guys gave me a signal that quite obviously meant: "Hey come over here and play along, we're about to get this stupid woman to free us with an ingenious and fool-proof Scooby Doo quality scheme". Now of course anyone with Scooby Doo confidence immediatedly gains my attention so I go over to them. I hope to get her to believe our plan with the fail-safe smile and nod technique and hey it seems to be working for a while. And then we somehow end up in front of a firing squad...

I'm guessing it didn't go so well.

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