Apparently, dreams visit things that you've done of thought about during the day, as if they come back to haunt you. True? No. I had an exam today and last night I dreamed about that exam. Yesterday there was a strike that teachers were caught up in, and I didn't think about my exam at all. I didn't even revise... wait. I did, while I was walking my dog, go through some stuff in my head.

I failed the dream exam. I went through the entire 100 minutes and left everything completely blank. Then for some reason my aunt rang me up on a mobile phone that I didn't even know I owned, and told me that my home town was in the middle of a bomb scare.

The things that were in the dream actually happened. We did have a bomb scare a week ago (I refer you to this and this). I did have an exam today. My dippy aunt did call us up at a quarter to six in the morning last Wednesday. But I thought about none of them yesterday. I thought about computer games, I thought about Harvie Krumpet, I thought about umpteen other things that I won't elaborate on.

The other thing is the fact that this is the first dream I have remembered for weeks. How much time elapses between dreams? How many dreams are we expected to have? Are we naked in every single one of them? Are the chicks that you so desperately want to say "I Love You" to in every dream too? Yah, for me she is. But enough about that. What are dreams anyway? Are they just some strange means for our brain to contact us? They certainly don't do ALL the thinking in a guy's case.

Ooh goody, that was fun. I can go now.

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