(codeine helps...)

My brother and I happened upon some surplus grenades. We gave a few away and were wondering what to do with the last one. He took matters into his own hands and threw it into a parking garage. I was paranoid that they would investigate the blast, find that the grenades had come from the Israeli army, ask them, and then know that I was responsible. He shrugged

Another man and I stood by a stream, arguing: is it a ditch or a creek? He made the water level rise, showing what was necessary to be a creek. But either way, the bed was awfully low in the ground, showing that high water volume had passed through there at some point.

After a very long road trip, I needed to relieve myself. We stopped by a house on the corner(either the S.A.E. house or my ex-girlfriend's back home -- it kept changing) which I knew from delivering Christmas presents as part of a local charity. This house was where many deaf people lived. Two were in the living room when I entered. I couldn't really see them without my contact lenses and I don't know sign language, but I tried to communicate all the same. Giving up, I strolled to the back corner and used their bathroom.

The song needed to be heard backwards. I had a ghastly time trying to do it manually, and eventually gave up.

bizarre dreams about this book i was reading where it was about the human race's exodus to the stars... but at some point an ant somehow gained consciousness and then that consciousness 'spread' to all the other ants, and as the book progressed, more and more of the story was being told by the ants instead of the people, until the entire book was just about the ants...

Dreams about watching a movie, and then walking out into the lobby where for some reason everyone who goes into the lift to go down to ground level dies.

The group I was with decided there were werewolves in the lift. The lift comes up to our level, and is empty, so we are about to jump in when a big fat man with big fluffy hair runs out and eats one of the group, so we run back and eventually everyone is dead except me and one other dude, and we kill the big scary man in a sound-proof booth Scream-style. The funny thing is that we set up a trap so that when he walked through this door, it closed and squished him.

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