So I'm studying for my comprehensive examination in Christian history & theology. I've been reading the work of a number of 20th-century theologians: Karl Rahner, Schubert Ogden, Bernard Lonergan, and Paul Tillich. I have a dream that I'm in an independent movie, set in a single room--the living room of a man who has shot himself in the head. There are four characters who have come to deal with the suicide: James Woods as the doctor, Oliver Platt as the janitor, Christian Slater as the reporter, and Al Pacino as the cop. The four spend the movie looking at different things in the apartment and interpreting them in their own ways--by the bloodstain on the wall, for example, each one can learn something entirely different about the life of the man who killed himself. The movie is a meditation on the meaning of life, the nature of communication, and the way that we interpret the world around us.

I think this means I'm going to do OK on the theology section of my exam. It also means I spend too much time watching IFC.

There's nothing like having your dream receive a negative reputation...

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