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  • kids

  • In the dream, I remembered that Frank Sinatra was all I listened to on the trip to New Orleans (trip does not exist) since I’d only taken a few tapes.

  • Looking at the last page of a book, thew inside back cover, at a diagram of animals – somehow they related to different stages in the author’s life. Virgil?

  • Pete came into my bedroom and was loud, quick, funny. I was groggy in bed. He was talking silliness about the icebear – accusing me of stealing the icebear, telling me I was responsible for the icebear, knowing he was confusing a sleepy girl.

  • telling Mr. Watford about the 2nd-level Latin test – I was disappointed they hadn’t asked about dates and times.

    Zach was telling me something. There were white words on a red chalkboard. I could not stop thinking it must be blood. Mr. Watford was still there.

  • The dollar store was closed but I could see Charon inside talking to the Puerto Rican woman who ran the place.

  • A girl telling me how many accessories her doll had come with. I left the store empty-handed, carrying my coat. Walking away, suddenly there were three kids hanging on me. Zach, Kristen Fox, Alee Boychuk. They did half-cartwheels, holding my arms for support.
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