I am at school, in the toliets, but there are no ceilings here and the rooms are all pink. A girl from my class is with me, she is trying to talk me into doing something with her, but I know that it's a bad idea. She walks towards me; talking and I back up into the large mirror. There are no sinks here.

She kisses me once on the lips and I turn away. She heads out of the toilets and I run to take her hand. We go out side and it is night time, we skirt around a grassy hill where the veranada/decking area floods light onto us. We keep low into the shadows and I hear the voices of teachers, they are having a party.

We sneak off to the lake and another girl is waiting for us there. She has something for us, this is what we came for.

The deatils are vague here.

We are back at school in the toliets again, but something is happening that is different. There are more people and they are all shouting at once. They want to take the thing off of my friend. She passes the item to me and the crowd takes her away. She is screaming.

I am left alone.

I don't want it, whatever it is, and I'm too scared to look.

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