It's the middle of the night and I'm in a large black car with limo-esque back seats, yet more like a land rover. I am in the passenger seat and Louis is driving, Alice, Katrina and two other people are all sitting in the back. We are all high on various substances.

It's a dark and there are twisty roads with steep sides and lots of trees. Louis is in such a bad way that he can only use the pedals, I am holding the steering wheel and attempting to steer. Then Louis sprays ether on my scarf and I can no longer see properly. Images come in sequences of stills, several seconds apart and in a simplistic cartoony way so things seem to jump out at me and suddenly appear up close. Louis is pressing the pedals randomly now and laughing and laughing and laughing.

Katrina is having a bad trip and screaming and the two other people are laughing and putting cake on each other's faces. Alice seems the most sane person here. I start laughing too. I'm so scared that my smile seems to meet at the back of my head.

Eventually it's daytime and we arrive in a small, neat village (imagine the shambles in York only a tad more spread out and with lots of golden sunshine. There's a tree in the middle of a grassy square. A really, really big old oak tree, absolutely massive. We all climb up, Alice and the unknown boy managing the best with me and Louis following last.

Soon we're all in the tree and quickly eating the last of everything we have. The police gather at the base, but they can't climb up and we have no intentions of coming down. We keep on laughing.

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