I live in a house on a hill and during tea my family goes for a long walk around the base of the hill. This evening I don't want to go with them. I have something else that I need to do. It is hard to persuade them, but I manage.

The details are fuzzy here.

Now I am lying in a bath and a boy is sitting on-top of me. The bath is filled with water and it is hard to keep my face out of it. The boy leans forwards and puts his hands on shoulders, then he pushes me under the water. I can't see very well as the water is moving too much so I close my eyes. At first I don't struggle, but I tense all over with worry. But soon it becomes too much for me to just lie there as I need to breath again. I start to struggle against him and I grip his wrists but he is much too strong for me. I feel helpless and I begin crying but I don't think he notices as I am under the water. I don't hate him, he is my friend and he's doing what is necessary. I trust him, but the longer he leaves me the more frantic I become. I know that I will die soon, and the thought does not bother me except that I know there's something I need to tell him before I die but I can't make him hear through the water. This thought upsets me and I struggle harder. Suddenly he pulls me up and I can breath, but quickly after he forces me under again. He does this many times, and it hurts me as I hit the bath with the back of my head but still I don't resist. Then after an age, he lifts me up and drains the water from the bath. He stands outside the bath and talks to me. I can't focus on what he is saying, and I try to get up and join him, but everything is moving. He sees that I can't function properly and he doesn't help me, he just smiles. Then I fall asleep.

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