Even my political dreams involve lesbians....

In the dream, I was at a conference hosted by the bastion of fundamentalism called Focus on the Family called Love Won Out.

This is a real conference whose goal is to promote "the truth that homosexuality is preventable and treatable." It will grace Detroit with its message of truth and disinformation on April 26

I was standing in a room off to the side of the stage hearing speaker after speaker lambast the modern definition of family and justify their position by taking a few verses out of the Old Testament and interpreting them in the way that fit their agenda. After several minutes of listening to this drivel I found myself as the next speaker. Somehow, I had made it all the way up to the podium, where, without a second thought, I let fly.

I went off, asking who they were to condemn a person's entire personality and lifestyle without even meeting them first. Why was it so important to the Christian community to root out this sin as more evil above and beyond all others? That we don't have conferences on gluttony although there are many many more fat people in the country than gay people. And don't even get me started on alcoholism and domestic violence. Those things are much better well discussed than a sin - if it is one at all - that happens behind closed doors between consenting adults.

Needless to say, the fundies didn't like it.

What happened was that Dr. James Dobson himself chased me out of the arena along with an angry mob of the self-righteous. As I was running to safety I did feel proud that I was able to voice my beliefs - and what I considered to be the truth - in the face of such adversity - and hoping that I had made at least one person think a little more about their being so quick to judge others by one facet of their entire personality.

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