I just started a new job as a guard on border patrol. Maybe patrol is the wrong word - it was a small crossing with only pedestrian traffic off a ferry which crossed the river only a few times a day. There were about a half dozen other guards, and our main duty was to handle this small rush of traffic those few times a day. We would stand behind the counter (which was outdoors) and stamp people's forms with this incredibly small stamp with incredibly large letters and numbers on it (one letter, 2 numbers - mine read A60 and used a stamp pad with gold colored ink). I was told that it was important to stamp three separate areas on the form, all within inches of each other. The rush of people would be over within 15 minutes, and we would walk back to our station where we would sit around and talk. We had a cruiser with flashing lights and the whole nine yards, but our entire area of control was no more than a few hundred yards around where the ferry docked. The first "rush" of people was so small, that I spent the entire time standing beside the cruiser and watched the other guards clear all the people in a matter of minutes. Before I could walk over to help, they were done.

After work, the boss and his SO (wife?) took me to a restaurant where we discussed card games but didn't actually play any.....

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  • had to find a place to sleep. I walked into my brother's room without asking or knocking. They were playing video games and I told them they would have to keep it the hell down because I was tired.

  • Went to Kmart with my mom and brother. We were all in a hurry and crabby. I told my mom about the night before, at dinner, when I had gone crazy and started yelling at my grandmother. She let me tell the whole story before I realized she had been there. Then I felt dumb. My mother smirked.

  • Lost in unfamiliar streets that redoubled themselves and lied to me. Finally, finally, around a corner and there she was, weird Catherine, waiting for me outside the trailer park, dying to show me her Christmas decorations that would win the contest for sure.
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