I am playing chess against Someone Else.
The game begins. At first, it is a perfectly ordinary game of chess. As it progresses, however, small blue dots appear in the center of squares that a piece I am considering moving could potentially move to.

The game progresses. I come to rely on the little blue dots, and use them to play positional chess. I make to move my queen -
and the little blue dots break.

Suddenly, I can't move. I can't consider any moves other than the queen, and blue dots are drawn in most of the squares, completely regardless of whether or not the queen can move there. reality developed a severe memory leak.

A few seconds after everything locked up, I awakened, feeling a bit uneasy. dreams are supposed to be stable.

We have to find and help a girl. She's only young, around ten, but she's dangerous. Very dangerous indeed. With one look she can kill, as if she has the evil eye. Unaware of what this means, she's taken off into the Casbah, and we find her in the courtyard. When we find her, she is killing a woman who stopped to help her, and smiling in amusement. I rush over and take the girl by he hand. "Come with us", I say "It's time to go home." But she looks at me with yellow eyes, and I feel as if I'm being torn apart. I screw my eyes shut but can still see her eyes looking at me. I can't hold on much longer, but my pulls me away, and grasping after her we escape.

Now it's evening, and the house we find ourselves at appears to be high up in Yorkshire moorland. There's a youngish crowd here and it looks as if a barbeque is underway. Not feeling hungry, my assistant and I hold hands and walk towards the house. Our attention is drawn over a short dry stone wall to what appears to be a fight starting.

I don't know if I'm in this fight from the start or not, but rather nastily, it is fought with hammers. By the end of it though, I am finishing off a guy with a blow to his head. He lays dying in a pool of blood, but it was his own damn fault. But something is wrong, and the air fills with screams.

Lumps of rotten flesh fall from the sky and start to hover. A large bundle of mummified remains, like a rolled up mat un-picks it's stitches, and I realise we have to flee again. The girl I am with makes a run for it, and I look for a while at this thing. It speaks to me, and although I don't understand, it is plain that it is going to get nasty, yet all this is justice. The party-goers are attacked and consumed by the lumps in the air.

Kicking the door in, we both run though the country house, finding ourselves in the kitchen. Under the sink, there is a guy eating a melon. We say hello and warn him of what happened outside. He seems fine about this, even though he only is dressed in his boxers and a vest. We grab a knife and run for it. I know he will be devoured too.

This leads to a cinema. Giant robots battle it out, and it appears that this is not on a screen. We watch, suspended in the air as a final volley from some secret weapon flashed blue, and the increase in gravity crushes the opponent. Then, after this amazing light display, large pieces of text rain down. Slightly transparent, these vertical planes of text glow in the dark, and it's amazingly beautiful.

The menace, embodied by the little girl's powers and the rotten meat comes back. Standing on a balcony, surveying a crowd, we decide the time is right for action. Climbing down, we enter a shop, and I am pleased with the trinkets on display. There is a girl I recognise there - she's my friend's new girlfriend. She smiles at me, and we talk. I like her, and am please these two girls have got it together - they'll make each other very happy. I also know that these two work for the same people I do. They're very good at their job too. But it's time to go. My assistant and I leave and are accosted at the door by a horrific sight.

Coils of what look like thick plant roots form a roughly humanoid mass, but it is clear that they are more like melting flesh. The beast opens it's eyes, and we can see it is a warning. "Leave the girl alone" seems to be the message. The events that have transpired so far are the efforts of something to keep us away. Something linked to the girl with the evil eye.

It is now clear that this is the work of the King of Roses - a strange figure who is an old god. It all goes dark brown as my assistant is taken away. She gone, and is being held somewhere.

I am left alone, standing on the deck of an old galleon, and I look out to sea, puzzled.

"What the hell am I going to do now?"

This is one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had. There's lot's more, but I just can't remember it all. It was partly lucid, and for the record, the guy under the sink eating melon and the lesbian couple are people I know. I don't know what they were doing there though. I wonder what the fuck all of this means? I did eat cheese before bed, though.

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